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Vyrl TV (formerly  StartupV TV) is a new & unique media disruptor in the OTT or online streaming video space. We build vehicles for instant global engagement for brands and lighting rods for change & impact for our viewers. We throw out traditional TV, Media & Ad rule books in favour of a new tech & demand lead solution that fixes problems faced by brands and viewers  in all three verticals. We are pioneers in one of the fastest moving, & fastest growing sectors fueled by some of the biggest consumer trends in history.  OTT Live television, created by the rapidly converging Social Media,  Streaming - both LIVE & On-Demand Video, Broadcast TV and Advertising sectors.

Our goal is to find unique TV like show formats that ignite massive global impact, that brands, & their customers love.


We do Live & recorded TV Production in LIVE, HD 720p & 1080p We have VR 360 & 4K tech already inhouse and under R&D. Tech & film teams capable of scaling from mobile interview / docu crews to full scale studio based serialized show production.


We do multi-bitrate cross platform content syndication channels with potential reach of 1.3 Billion daily.  Redistribute options include VOD, SVOD houses as well as sales to Broadcasters. Global DRM, distribution & management of video assets.


We do bespoke, high relevance brand placement advertising that seamlessly links to your sales pipeline. Global, tracked and highly targeted through psychographic profiling & content design.


We are not a Production company


 We are not a Media company


 We are not an AdTech company

We throw out traditional TV, Media & Ad rule books in favour of a new tech & demand lead solution that fixes problems faced by brands and viewers in all three verticals.

Next Gen thinking


LIVE – it’s what they want

We can live edit and create professional “tv like” HD content while streaming multi-bitrate global streams anywhere, anytime. Depending on the show we could air a live interview with a 2 person team on the street, in an office, at an event, or scale to a massive set with pro lighting and audio and a full team. We use the latest gadgetry and lean startup methodology to enable a faster, cleaner production stream.

The old way is no longer the best way

Though highly professional and the best end result TV production cycles are long and expensive.  The typical broadcast equipment assets they use are in the hundreds of thousands or millions in the case of networks.  Show choices are 100% commercially driven as most are for-profit or public companies.  They are grossly restricted in the style and format of content execution with lengthy admin, long development and airing cycles, and Govt. regulation.   In the end, the audience for broadcast TV is dwindling, and was surprised in 2018 for the first time in history by online content viewing.  Regardless of the quality of the output, TV and similar production & distribution houses are creating content with production values that exceed the needs or expectations of viewers, i.e. over engineered. And airing in a dwindling market space i.e. fighting over a shrinking audience.

Media & content creation

Junk or Worse

It’s never been easier to create something and share it with the world. But this has lead to another problem, most of it is absolute rubbish.  SME’s and corporates alike struggle to create original content that showcases their brands.  Most have trouble with even a decent social media presence let alone domination. Regular, original & relevant content is seen as the holy grail by most corporate marketing departments, but without major investment it’s seldom achievable. In fact this is an area where nimble startups and challenger brands usually exceed and dislodge more established players.

They don’t want it, they need it

We create amazing inherently viral content that Gen X, Y & the emerging GenZ want to watch and put place it squarely in their prefered medium & format to watch it. We are designed from the ground up to maximise our contents virality and engagement and our tech stack is designed to garner audience reach in the millions.  If that wasn’t enough, global leaders in online content distribution like Amazon, Facebook and Netflix are spending Billions on creating content for exactly this demographic because they know.  They know that there is over a billion consumers and rising hungry for exactly the kind of content we produce.

Brand Placement

It’s a jungle out there

Corporate ad & marketing departments bet on AI and (negatively incentivised) tech houses to place their brand in an ever more dangerous landscape. With content creators deliberately generating keywords to maximise brand engagement.  While simultaneously sensationalising their content to encourage to maximise ad revenues. Brand manager have never had a tougher challenge in balancing maximum reach & engagement (for ROI) and the brand risks of associating with diverse online content creators.

Just be great

Our concentration instead is creating lightning rods by simply creating great content that your target audience love to watch and share.  Place that content in an environment where our target market loves to watch, and add in our own special viral tech to enable a sharing explosion.

All our distribution is backed up by our audience aggregation technology which allows for unprecedented audience reach.  We can achieve 100-1000 fold audience expansion and 20-100 x increased audience engagement over traditional social marketing.

We like to think of it as the safety and quality of a TV broadcast ad slot, but harnessing the amazing virality and perfect placement that Social Media & OTT have to offer.




18-39 already watch Live OTT regularly


Millennials already watch OTT exclusively


Live OTT Rev. by 2021


Our shows, all bespoke, all built from the ground up to be inherently Viral & Impactful and shared on our global network.

The Young Entrepreneurs show is another unique and 100% original show. as It airs uncensored and aims to bring honest and authentic conversation to answer the concerns of a growing number of Young people disenfranchised by government and large corporates, and let down by the promises of educational institutions.    They see the Rockstar entrepreneurs, CEO's of Unicorn startups and seek to emulate their path to success.  We want o give them the honest facts, true stories and straight answers to their burning questions.

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We believe we can create a lightning rod for change in a world desperate to see change, not in 100 or 200 years, but yesterday.  Issues affecting women are the Zeitgeist of the moment, but we didn't start this show to take advantage of a trend, or ride a wave of sentiment. It's more than that, and many are already calling it a movement.  If that means change, then let it be so... come join us.

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