A live & unscripted panel show, discussing issues selected by and affecting women globally; anyone in the world can be heard, & everyone has a voice.

A big challenge, but as with anything in life it is aspirational goals, ones we are not sure how, or if we can achieve them that push us to be better.

We believe we can create a lightning rod for change in a world desperate to see change, not in 100 or 200 years, but yesterday.  Issues affecting women are the Zeitgeist of the moment, but we didn’t start this show to take advantage of a trend, or ride a wave of sentiment. Its more than that, and many are already calling it a movement.  If that means change, then let it be so… come join us.

Some video from our Youtube channel

Interview - founder of the women in business Show

What’s your “formula for success” for the show? 

We experimented for over a year, but I think we have it now, and its quite simple, at least to say.

Ask women around the world what topics they want to hear and discuss. Discover their stories, challenges and victories.

Find the best inspirational, credible women we can. Real women working women and not actors or presenters spouting a network viewpoint or sponsor messaging.  Women that have experienced the journey, and pain of rising to the top despite adversity and won.

Put them on a TV like show, a familiar format for our viewers to take in the message and forget or forgive the medium.

The drop the whole thing into a highly sophisticated system to deliver live HD video globally.  With the ability for people to interact, ask questions and not just feel like they are part of the show, but to actually be part of the show.

To make it authentic, no editing where possible, and all live or live recorded, and never scripted.  People have had enough of all that “structured reality”, they want “reality, reality”.

To make it impactful and truly drive change we made it global, viral, interactive and available free to anyone from a prison to a penthouse, slum to a corporate office. Anyone that wants to hear about, learn about and to speak out on the issues affecting women in business. Everyone has the ability to take part, to be involved in change.

It sounds easy when you say it quick, but I think we have done it.

And it works, but only if they believe, only if they take part, watch and share.  We built it, now, like the issues themselves, it’s in their hands to make it work.

Who’s behind the show?

The Women you see on the show and behind and in front of the show.  In fact, you could probably say our audience is the ones with most of the power, they get to choose all the topics, and its built for them after all.  This is all women lead, in fact I barely make any decisions I put almost everything back on our panelist and our all-female production team.

No, who is the company behind it all?

This show, is delivered by StartupV TV a media disruptor that’s more tech company than media company specialising in fast process live HD broadcasting on OTT.  I created and self-funded StartupV and the Women in business project.

So tell us more about you then.

I could say, go read my linkedin lol..

I hate talking about myself unless it’s to create credibility that will lead to engagement and ultimately action. But in short, I am an ex-Silicon Valley strategist and serial entrepreneur. I am just trying to do something good in a world where so many are just not even trying.

Tell us about the money.  How is this all paid for, and who takes all the profits?

A good question.  As we reach large audiences we expect to be able to charge quite a lot for advertising by a handful of relevant sponsors.  In fact, far more than the production costs of delivering the show.   We have a plan for any excess including grant giving.  But you should know that StartupV, the organisation behind the show is a social enterprise and self-declared (ask us more details if you’re interested) not-for profit, tech for good project.  We are 100% impact focused, and I have stated publicly on many occasions I do not want to ever take a salary.  This truly is, whether you believe it or not, a “for good, not money” project.

Regarding who gets paid, well I pay all me team, I pay all the expenses in creating the project, and I am looking forward to the time when sponsor money takes over from me on that front. We jsut need to find brands that are brave enough to stand up and put their name to a show that is unscripted and basically out of control (lol).  But truthfully, we have had a lot of interest, the show has real backbone, and speaks to a lot of people, and fortunately there is actually a lot of great companies that want to be associated with us, but most are waiting to see how we go and get a feel for the show before committing to anything. so at the moment I am the only one, some say brave enough, some stupid  enough, to make this thing fly.

But as it’s not made any money yet, and I don’t know if it will ever, so when it comes to that point we will deal with it.  And it will be exactly as we deal with everything, by women lead discussions, and validation on public polls.

Very selfishly I created this whole company, and the various shows including “the Women in Business Show” simply to met a personal goal I decided to do one day (I think I went temporarily insane).

What was your goal?

It was to help 1M to start a business by 2020.  To get people to stop dreaming about being in business for themselves and take the leap, to turn their idea into reality.  A target I think we will smash now, though when I set it I had zero idea how I was going to do it, in fact I started by writing my first book “the Little Black Book for Entrepreneurs“.  It’s all grow and evolved since then as most good ideas do and has a life of its own.  Its now a vehicle to create massive social impact, and disrupt the current way brands interact with advertising and Next Gen customers.

“I wanted to point out one important fact”

You failed to ask me about about the fact that I am a man.  Did you think it was not the “PC” thing to do?

Don’t worry, I can’t help it I swear… you can blame my Dad (I think that’s right) for the lack of the extra chromosomes.. In fact it’s a cross to bear on this project I can assure you.

But more seriously, men have a huge part to play. I believe they hold many keys, occupy many roles, crucial to making change happen around so many issues we aim to tackle.  Men need to be part of the conversation, and why not I say.  Why can’t I be passionate about my daughter growing up in a world where she will be treated equally, regardless of her colour, sex orientation or anything else. In fact I am offended when people think I have less of a right to champion women because of MY sex.  The ISSUES affecting women are related to gender, the gender of who wants to find out more, and those that want to help is not a issue.

More about the show

The Women in Business show is unique as it airs uncensored and aims to bring honest and authentic conversation on some tough topics affecting women in their daily lives.  We don’t aim to “fix” anything, simply initiate a dialogue, “a Firestarter effect”.

Everyone appearing on our show is unpaid.  No professional actors of scripting is allowed.  On our film days we do have a possibility of refilming, but only if something is really unacceptable and this should not be taken as license to assume multiple takes will be made.  Any refilming is made solely at the discretion of the production company. Our aim is to do everything in one take where possible to preserve the integrity of the conversation.

We shoot to a BBFC rating 15 standard (http://www.bbfc.co.uk/what-classification/15). Its an adult conversation , but I think 15+ young women are already experiencing are are affected by a lot of the issues we discuss. Where possible, speak of facts and feelings, not speculation or assumption, we don’t want to add to rumor or misinformation, there is enough out there already.

Our Format

  • The panel show – unscripted & filmed in front of a live audience, aired uncut as part of our weekly live show
  • Weekly show – a single episode aired each week, with live talent, guests & online interaction via social media

Panel Selection

The show aims to give women a voice and, in doing so, to create inspirational role models for women everywhere. To achieve our aim it is necessary for us to recruit and retain the best possible panel.  The popularity of panel slots has greatly exceeded our expectations.  The show is designed to be women lead and, so all current and future panel is selected by Women.

Topic Selection

For all shows we take suggestions for show topics from our social media channels as well as internally from women within both our panel and a wider reaching guest pool. Topics are shortlisted based on available guests and relevance to our core mission, then put to public social media poll for final selection by the public.

How you can help

Co-casting – Joining Our Network

StartupV TV is a pioneer in audience aggregation, allowing us to quickly grow our audience.  This is critical to our success as it not only increases sponsorship opportunities, but enables us to fulfil our goal of creating an incredible impact on women around the world.


For further information, please contact Matt Black black@startup.tv, who will be happy to go through the process with you and answer any questions you may have.


Share our hashtag  #WiBshow

Share our tag and link to our Facebook page https://fb.com/wibshow where possible.


Cheer Leaders

On our filming days we welcome people to be part of a live studio audience.  Sponsors for food and drinks on the day are welcome and will get production credits. And you can even host a live WiBshow at your office if your london based


Tap Into the Network

Changing the world is definitely a team game.  Please explore your network, to assist us in finding potential guests, future panellists and possibly companies interested in sponsorship of our show.