YES - Aspiring young Entrepreneurs ask questions, that get answered by Industry experts and Business Superhero's.

The YES show is really simple

Aspiring young Entrepreneurs are given a scenario.

” If you were on a bus (plan,train etc.) and you suddenly realised the person sitting next to you had all the answers to anything you wanted to know about turning your idea into a reality.  What would you ask them?  But, the catch is you only have a few minutes before they leave.  You have 30 seconds to ask your questions… GO

Interview with the founder

What’s your “formula for success” for the show? 


Ask the founders what they need answers to.  It sounds odd, but most books, courses and more are by old grey haired guys like me that think they know what founders need.  Its all top down thinking, and it just doesn’t work.

Find the best inspirational, credible experts we can. Real working specialist in the fields these founders are venturing into.  And pump them for all the technical and industry inside advice we can.

Find the the most inspirational business superheros we can. Men and Women that have made the journey, endured the setbacks and who have gone on either exit their business, or build it out to its peak performance.

Put them on a TV like show, a familiar format for our viewers to take in the message and forget or forgive the medium.

The drop the whole thing into a highly sophisticated system to deliver live HD video globally.  We air on Facebook and Youtube, which is exactly where our global audience choose to watch their content.

It’s a simple format, but powerful all the same.

Who’s behind the show?

Our young entrepreneurs are the stars of the show. But the real credit goes out to our experts and business superheros. They provide all the answers, give up their time. Truly embracing the “pay it forward” attitude.

No, who is the company behind it all?

This show, is delivered by StartupV TV a media disruptor that’s more tech company than media company specialising in fast process live HD broadcasting on OTT.  I created and self-funded StartupV and the show.

So tell us more about you then.

I could say, go read my linkedin lol..

I hate talking about myself unless it’s to create credibility that will lead to engagement and ultimately action. But in short, I am an ex-Silicon Valley strategist and serial entrepreneur. I am just trying to do something good in a world where so many are just not even trying.

Over many years I have tried to crack the issue of early startups failing so frequently, and I think most problems are simply related to the fact that young founders get way to much misinformation, and not enough inspiration.

The answers are out there, but they struggle in the face of a tidal wave of books, events, training, education,resources, tools, and opinions. Many of which are not fit for their purpose, or contradictory.

I am a real “straight shooter”, and tend to give it to a founder exactly as I see it, without sugar coating. Even if that is.. “your ideas is rubbish, stop now!”.  I think its the right thing.  In fact I frequently catch myself repeating the same advice “Always ask advice from some that has done what your trying to achieve, and WON.” YES is just that advice, made into a show.

Very selfishly I created this whole company, and the various shows including “the Young Entrepreneurs Show” simply to met a personal goal I decided to do one day (I think I went temporarily insane).

What was your goal?

It was to help 1M to start a business by 2020.  To get people to stop dreaming about being in business for themselves and take the leap, to turn their idea into reality.  A target I think we will smash now, though when I set it I had zero idea how I was going to do it, in fact I started by writing my first book “the Little Black Book for Entrepreneurs“.  It’s all grow and evolved since then as most good ideas do and has a life of its own.  It’s now a vehicle to create massive social impact, and disrupt the current way brands interact with advertising and Next Gen customers.

More about the show

The Young Entrepreneurs show is another unique and 100% original show. as It airs uncensored and aims to bring honest and authentic conversation to answer the concerns of a growing number of Young people disenfranchised by government and large corporates, and let down by the promises of educational institutions.    They see the Rockstar entrepreneurs, CEO’s of Unicorn startups and seek to emulate their path to success.  We want o give them the honest facts, true stories and straight answers to their burning questions.

Everyone appearing on our show is unpaid.  No professional actors of scripting is allowed.  Our aim is to do everything in one take where possible to preserve the integrity of the conversation.

We shoot to a BBFC rating 15 standard ( Its an adult conversation , but I think 15+ young people are at the age already where they are thinking of starting a business, many already have.

Our Format

  • The Questions – We seek out young entrepreneurs online, in and outside education institutions, events and more. Our team is highly mobile and the so capturing questions for the live show is easy. Sorting the best ones, and finding compinality is not so easy, but it’s a task I think we are up to.
  • Weekly show – a single episode aired each week, with live talent where possible & online interaction via social media. Obviously live is not always possible so sometimes the answers are pre recorded, but we always strive to have a live guest to field instant responses form our live audience online.

Expert Selection

The show aims to get answers to the core questions stopping young people from stepping forward boldly into starting a business. And to create inspirational role models for young people everywhere.  We are already collecting a great stockpile of potential experts and inspirational case studies. But the hunt is on the the Business superheros to give up a  few minutes of their time to help millions. I know they are out there…

How you can help

Co-casting – Joining Our Network

StartupV TV is a pioneer in audience aggregation, allowing us to quickly grow our audience.  This is critical to our success as it not only increases sponsorship opportunities, but enables us to fulfil our goal of creating an incredible impact on young people around the world.


For further information, please contact Matt Black, who will be happy to go through the process with you and answer any questions you may have.


Tap Into the Network

Changing the world is definitely a team game.  Please explore your network, to assist us in finding potential guests, future stars and possibly companies interested in sponsorship of our show.